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Syndee Hendricks

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Angel & Reiki Cards – Business & Life Intuitive

Syndee is an award winning Business Intuitive and Certified Business Consultant who has worked internationally with decades of experience domestically. Though she has all the “claires”, her strongest is Claire Cognizance or that of “knowing”. She can help you sort through all that no longer serves you to open space for what it is you seek in your life or business—and get it. She is also a Master Reiki Healer.

Clair senses includes psychic sensitivities relating to the senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, touching, etc.):

-Clairvoyant (clear seeing)
-Clairsentient (clear sensation or feeling)
-Clairaudient (clear hearing)
-Claire Cognizant (clear knowing)
-Clairempathy (clear emotion or empathetic)
-Clairtangeny or Psychometry (clear touching)
-Channeling (Allowing intuitive information to come through without logical processing)

Syndee‘s passion is to inspire the possibilities and assist in achieving them with each person with whom she connects so that they can re-invent themselves to live the life they envision.

Gratitude, love, health, and happiness are the priorities in life that give special meaning to the journey in this lifetime. Faith fueled by hope is the conduit that ignites the way into the light of success to assist others to find their way.

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