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Sunlight of the Spirit is a spiritual giftstore located in Sacramento, California. We carry an assortment of items including Crystals, Jewelry, Sage, Incense, Statues, Books, Tarot & Oracle Decks, Herbs, Candles, Singing Bowls, Self Care items, Recovery Products & more!

We offer in store Readings & Healings by a variety of gifted individuals including psychic readings, oracle and tarot card readings, shamanic healings, intuitive guidance, mediumship, reiki, etc. 

Sunlight of the Spirit has been a part of the Sacramento community for over 14 years providing a space for like minded individuals on their spiritual path. The store was founded in 2007  as a recovery store. Since then, Sunlight of the Spirit has evolved to offer a larger variety of tools to use on a spiritual path. 

The current owners, Sarah and Matt, have a background in permaculture, yoga and meditation, herbal and alternative healing, and both have a passion for the healing qualities of crystals. With a strong desire to be of service to others, their community, and the earth, they look forward to continuing to  provide a healing space for the Sacramento community. 

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