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Sunlight of the Spirit is a metaphysical shop located in Sacramento, California. We carry an assortment of items including Crystals, Jewelry, Sage, Incense, Statues, Books, Tarot & Oracle Decks, Herbs, Candles, Singing Bowls, Self Care items, Recovery Products & more!

We offer in-store Readings & Healings by a variety of gifted individuals including psychic readings, oracle and tarot card readings, shamanic healings, astrology readings, intuitive guidance, mediumship, reiki, etc. to give you hope, guidance, and clarity on your journey.

Sunlight of the Spirit has been a part of the Sacramento community for over 16 years providing a space for like minded individuals on their spiritual path. The store was founded in 2007 as a recovery store. Since then, Sunlight of the Spirit has evolved to offer a larger variety of tools to use on a spiritual path. 

It is our goal to create an environment where you can experience peace, connection, and healing. We hope to inspire, ignite, and uplift your spirit wherever you are on your journey. We are honored to share a part in your story, together,

Sharing Sacred Paths. 

The current owners, Sarah and Matt, have a background in yoga and meditation, herbal and alternative healing, and both have a passion for the healing qualities of crystals. With a strong desire to be of service to others, their community, and the earth, they look forward to continuing to  provide a healing space for the Sacramento community. 

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