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Nancy Espitallier

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Oracle Card Readings, Psychic- Mediumship Readings, Pet Communicator and Healer, Energy Healings

A professional intuitive, Nancy, offers a wonderfully unique experience to heal the body, heart, mind, and soul through powerful energy healings, accurate and loving psychic and mediumship readings.

Nancy has over 20 years of experience as an energy healer and psychic-medium receiving her initial training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and continuing education through the Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. Additional studies were in the traditional form of Usui Shiki Ryoho receiving her certificate as a Reiki Master and also as an Animal Reiki Master.

Readings and healings from Nancy are uplifting, life-affirming, positive experiences always meant for your highest good. The energy and information come from Source, The Universe, Angels, Spirit Guides, or however you choose to recognize it, not from Nancy personally. She works hard to ensure she is a clear, high-vibration vessel to receive the messages and energy meant to bless you and those you love.

Romance • Career • Life Purpose • Past Lives• Finance • Mediumship • Pets

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