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Derrick Naputi

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Tarot Readings

Derrick is a clairaudient, empathic, and intuitively driven certified Tarot and Oracle Reader and Intuitive Life Coach with an ever-deeper passion for Astrology, Spirituality, and Holistic Healthy Living! Derrick is a staunch believer that education (which he was taught locally and by Hay House Inc.) is a lifelong journey that should accommodate living a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. "The tarot and oracle itself are my #1 tools of choice and am a firm believer that it is what I wanted to do the most coming into this life."


With his degree in Business Management graduating Magna Cum Laude and using his Tarot Education, he created his own brand "Sea Spirit Tarot" with the purpose of helping others "navigate the depths of one's soul and traverse the crazy waves of life" to rise above any and all challenges while choosing the best optimal path towards one's success and goals. He has a vision to not only read for others but to create his own deck and also teach how to read Tarot on a confident level because of how beneficial one could use it in the form of self-care and guidance.

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