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Dina Cavanaugh

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Astrology & Tarot Readings

Dina has been practicing astrology and tarot for over 40 years. She approaches her art from
a psychological perspective mixed with intuition, giving the client a comprehensive
understanding of their chart/reading. She explores parental relationships, relationship
patterns, and possible blockages which may be preventing one from experiencing life at its
full potential.

Dina has worked and taught at The Astrology Shop in London, Isis Healing Oasis in Denver,
and at Conjure New Orleans in the French Quarter. Although Dina does natal and
prognostication charts, her specialties are relationship (synastry) and pet astrology.

- Do I need to know the time of my birth?
It certainly makes for a more accurate analysis, but we can do a reading without it; we
just won’t know what astrological houses are in play (where the action takes place).
- Should I have a tarot reading or astrology analysis?
Tarot readings are very good for specific questions/concerns, but you have a little
wiggle room with tarot because it’s not written in stone. You can change events by
changing the course of action. Astrology is a bit more concrete and a definitive guide
to what is going on with you as influenced by current astrological movement (transits).
- I want a relationship analysis. What information do I need?
You will need both people’s birthdates, place of birth and time (see above). Also,
please note that these readings tend to be lengthier because we are basically doing
three separate charts: individual natal, synastry and composite.

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