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Sequoia Raven Moon

Sequoia Raven Moon Image.jpg

Spiritual Guidance

A Certified Life Coach and Intuitive Guide, Sequoia Raven Moon offers a creative flair to help you gain clarity on your spiritual awakening journey. She has over 25 years of experience helping people through their awakening processes. 


Working with a New Earth template she can help you regress your present reality to the point of source truth so that you may ground your heaven-on-earth vision into reality.  She helps you come to clarity with the work necessary for you to do so that you may activate the Clarity and True Light codes.


Sessions with Sequoia Raven Moon are illuminating, down-to-earth, and safe opportunities to gain inspiration, clarity, and direction in your life about various topics.  Sequoia is easy to talk to and starts with where you are while holding space to share safely.  All sessions are protected and connected to True Light, Divine, Creator, and Source for the highest most benevolent good for all involved.

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