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Jen Deer

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Astrology Readings

Jen Deer is an intuitive astrologer who specializes in classical Western astrology and
planetary magic. She experienced the profound influence of astrology in her own life
when several major transits converged with her own personal death-and-rebirth
transformation, guiding her to spend several years traveling the world to visit ancestral
villages and sites of power from ancient civilizations such as Egypt and the Greco-
Roman Empire. 

Jen views astrology through the lens of the planetary spirits and works with the energies
and qualities of these spirits, such as the Moon and Venus, for example, to bring peace
and blessings to the lives of others. She works with angels, and they guide her in this
work, along with her ancestors and spirit guides. 

Jen reads natal charts as well as transits and progressions to channel wisdom
regarding your current life situation. She offers guidance regarding all personal matters,
including your love life, family, work, travel, finance, and career. She may pull an oracle
card for additional insights or assist you in creating a ritual for a planetary spirit. Her
approach is compassionate, uplifting, friendly, and warm-hearted. She loves astrology
because of its clarity and ability to be so finely-tuned and resonant for each individual.

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